CDE-153BT, CDE-154BT, CDE-164BT CDE-W265BT Stay on mode

You can set the delay in turning OFF the unit's power after the vehicle's ignition is turned off (ACC OFF). When you select a mode other than OFF, the music will be paused after you turn the ignition key off (ACC OFF). At the same time, the prompt "Press Preset 6 to Stay On" will scroll once. Press 6 within 15 seconds to continue enjoying music for the selected period. If 6 is not pressed, the unit will power off within 15 seconds. During this period you can only receive a call by operating a paired Smartphone.

  • Setting item: Stay On
  • Setting Contents: OFF (initial setting) 5Min / 15Min / 30Min

In order to turn "Stay on Mode" on please follow the steps outlined below and on the attachment.
1.     Press and hole the "Audio/Setup" button for at least two seconds.
2.     Turn the rotary encoder to select "General" and press enter.
3.     Turn the rotary encoder to select "Stay On" and press enter.
4.     Turn the rotary encoder to select your preferred setting: Off (initial setting) 5Min / 10Min / 30Min and press enter.
5.     Press and hold the "Audio/Setup" button for at least two seconds to exit setup.


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