Where do I send my out of warranty OEM BMW unit for repair?


OEM Products
If you’re having problems with your OEM(Original Equipment manufacturer) product, we can help. Please follow these steps to ensure the quickest resolution to the problem.


Step 1: Diagnose The Problem
Contact your local dealer before sending your product to ensure that the problem you are experiencing is not related to a problem with your Vehicle.



Out-of Warranty OEM Service
Please contact the service center in your area for an estimate and information about repairing out of warranty products.

  • 1-800-421-2284, Option #3 or dial extension 860407
  • Contact Us


Step 3: Mailing Product

Please note: This is a secure facility No customer drop off or will call service is permitted or offered.


For BMW OEM (Original Equipement Manufacturer)

  • Provide a detailed description of the problem(s) for which service is required. · Package the product securely to avoid damage during transit.
  • ONLY use a carrier that will provide a complete tracking invoice such as UPS or CERTIFIED US mail.
  • Ship Your product to: Alpine Customer Service USA 2150 195th Street, Torrance CA  90501
  • 90 day warranty on repairs


Include your name, address, daytime phone number, and e-mail if available. Your return address must be able to receive UPS packages.







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