Why is it important to purchase Alpine product from an authorized dealer?

Protect Your Warranty

Get Protected

Alpine Electronics is one of the world's largest manufacturers of premium car audio, navigation, and information systems. This strict policy protects you, our valued customer, and Alpine's unparalleled reputation for quality and service excellence.

Exclusive Authorized Dealer Network

Alpine car audio and navigation products are sold in the United States and Canada through an exclusive network of authorized dealers selected by Alpine. The complexity of today's automobiles and the sophistication of Alpine products require a knowledgeable dealer to aid in the selection, integration and installation of your system. Alpine dealers have been specifically chosen for their ability to present and install Alpine products and have the ability to maximize their performance in your vehicle. Alpine's warranty policy covers only products purchased through our authorized dealer network. Therefore, Alpine assumes no responsibility for products purchased through unauthorized dealers or internet sites. Only dealers listed in our Store Locator section of our website are authorized to carry and sell Alpine products.

Prior to purchasing any Alpine product, confirm if a dealer is authorized to sell or install current Alpine products. Click on "Store Locator" on the product pages or home page. This will give you a complete list of all authorized dealers you can purchase current Alpine products from in your area. Some of these dealers may have internet sites through which they are authorized by Alpine to sell our products, check Alpine's Store Locator to view Authorized Online Stores.

Buyer Beware, What You Should Know

Unfortunately, from time to time, Alpine products are sold by dealers or internet sites that are not authorized by Alpine. In most cases, products sold by these unauthorized companies were not purchased directly from Alpine. Alpine products sold by unauthorized dealers are sometimes:

  • Purchased on a "grey" market from other countries and illegally sold in the US
  • Counterfeit products not produced by Alpine
  • Damaged, defective, or previously used products (called "B" stock products)
  • Products stolen from authorized dealers or other sources

Many times, the unauthorized dealers will attempt to remove or alter the serial number. Removal, alteration, or tampering of the original Alpine serial number will automatically void the warranty on that product. Unauthorized dealers may deceive consumers by implying the product is covered by Alpine's warranty policy. Any products sold by unauthorized dealers are not entitled to Alpine warranty coverage. We are using our best efforts to prohibit companies from taking advantage of consumers, but these practices still exist. We recommend you to be very careful when selecting a dealer prior to making your purchase.

Alpine's Safeguards

At Alpine we've taken a strong leadership role in the battle against unauthorized distribution:

Serial number tracking

Alpine products are identified with a distinct serial number that is applied to individual unit boxes and the units themselves. All serial numbers are represented both alphanumerically as well as UPC format

Hidden Serial Numbers

Alpine products also have a separate serial number embedded internally in each unit. This will allow easier tracking and product verification.

Policing the Internet

We have partnered with various companies to identify unauthorized sales of our products. Anyone caught will be subject to legal action.

Protect your Investment

  • Authorized Alpine dealers have been carefully selected based on their commitment to customer satisfaction and knowledge of mobile electronics.
  • Alpine dealers have experienced sales and application staff trained to maximize the quality and value of the Alpine products they sell.
  • Alpine dealers have been trained by Alpine Electronics in the application and integration of our products.
  • Alpine dealers have access to direct factory support from the team of experts at Alpine Electronics including on-line and live telephone support as well as regularly published technical updates.
  • Alpine dealers offer full factory warranties on all Alpine products. Products purchased from unauthorized dealers or sources do not have a factory warranty.
  • Alpine fully supports and encourages participation in the (MECP) Mobile Electronics Certification Program. MECP is a certification program for sales people and installers, which tests and benchmarks individuals against the minimum industry standards of knowledge and practical skills.
  • Authorized dealers have signed a Dealer Agreement with Alpine that allows sales only from approved locations and only to consumers. The resale of Alpine product to unauthorized dealers is prohibited.


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