iLX-F409 / iLX-F411 Firmware update V1.3.13 (2022.03.08)

iLX-F411 Firmware update V1.3.13 (2022.03.08) change points:

  • Adds iDatalink Factory Media Support
  • Improves iDatalink gauge functionality
  • Improves overall performance
    “Vehicle Settings” menu can’t be accessed in the iDataLink settings. This affects Toyota vehicles.
  • Blank screen displays while using CarPlay or Android Auto every time climate is adjusted from OEM
    controls. This affects FCA and Ford Vehicles.
  • Climate controls not working on vehicles that are supported for the feature.
  • Added tech support phone # to “Maestro Communication Error Message”.
  • Audio pop during boot up.
  • iDataLink Climate- Fixes Rear Zone operation.
  • iDataLink Climate- Fixes temperature display in Celsius.
  • Resolution increase for Maestro fan and temperature climate controls to address a status display issue.
  • Power Antenna logic improved to turn On only when the main audio source is set to FM/AM Radio.

Please download both the update manual and firmware update




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