How can I place a call via voice control with my CD head unit?

When a Smartphone equipped with voice recognition function is paired with this unit, the Smartphone can be controlled by Voice Control via this unit.
1.     Press and hold "Voice Ctrl" for  at least 2 seconds
2.     After the Recognition mode is activated and speak is displayed, you can make a phone call, play a song, etc., via this unit by inputting voice control commands*.
        *Please refer to your Smartphone manual for other voice control commands.

  • You can perform this operation only when a Voice recognition compatible Smartphone is connected. Id the Smartphone is not compatible with the Voice recognition, "No Support" is displayed for 2 seconds.
  • The Voice recognition performance depends on the Smartphone and mounting location of the microphone. Please pay attention when the microphone is mounted.
  • Voice recognition operation depends on the function of the Smartphone. For details refer to the Owner's Manual of the Smartphone.
  • If the person you are calling is not found, "No Call" is displayed for 2 seconds.
  • Please obey all local traffic laws while using this function.

Note on Samsung Galaxy Smartphones.

  • S Voice must be turned off in favor of Google now.

Note on Android Smartphones.

  • As of Android version 4.4.4 voice command is initiated via the Android smart phone by saying "Ok Google".
  • SET Alpine Apps to BT if applicable, please refer to owner manual or contact Alpine Tech Support
  • Android Bluetooth Pairing:  accept the phonebook access request  and check the do not remind me again       


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