How can I access the setup menus and display video on my Alpine AV or AVN unit?

To display the Setup Menu screen:
Your vehicle must be parked with the ignition key in the ACC or
ON position. To do this, follow the procedures below.

1  Bring your vehicle to a complete stop at a safe location and push and hold the foot brake.
2  Keep pushing the foot brake and engage the parking brak, release the parking brake once then engage it again.
3  When the parking brake is engaged for the second time, release the foot brake.

* For automatic transmission vehicles, place the transmission lever in the Park position.

Now, the locking system for the General mode operation has been released. Engaging the parking brake can reactivate the General Setup Menu, as long as the car's ignition has not been turned off. It is not necessary to repeat the above procedure
(1 through 3) of "To display the General mode screen."
Each time the ignition is turned OFF, perform the procedure of "To display the General mode screen."


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