2012 Ford F-150 rearview mirror camera feed.


1.  Remove the driver's kick panel and hood release.  

2. Find a large black connector that has a white (clip may be gray) retaining clip.

3. On the lower right on the connector you will see a brown wire and a brown-yellow stripe wire. (Some trucksWhite/Green and Brown/Purple).  These are the camera video. Brown is Video (+) and brown-yellow stripe is Video (-). (Again, White/Green for the positive and Brown/Purple for ground)

4. To verify you have the right set, you will notice that the two wires combine along with another wire wrapped in black tape as they go up towards the dash. That third wire is the shield.

5. This connector should also have the reverse wire (blue/white).  

Before you start, I would turn the camera on in the X009 and see if it switches when you put the truck in reverse.  If not,
you're going to have to find a reverse trigger wire also(blue/white). Best way to do this is to pull a taillight, find the color of the reverse wire, and trace the harness up to where it goes into the truck
and tap it there.


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